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  • Established: 04/11/2017
  • Highlights: Unique Design| Has Traffic| Unique Content
  • Content: Amazon Affiliate eCommerce Site
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100k/m searches. Getting Organic Traffic AND SUBSCRIBERS!! Unique!

This website receives organic traffic and got about 30 subscribers on the first day of launch with no promotion Unique design and content

What is included in the sale?

Website and subscriber list

What is required to keep the business operational?

Amazon Associates Account

How does the business generate revenue?

Adsense Ads and Amazon Affiliate Income

Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they?

Other than hosting, nothing is required

What marketing initiatives have been used for this business?

None so far, Domain receives organic traffic

How can the future owner improve the business?

Promoting the website on social media and Google

This website is made for finding discounts on laptop and components on Amazon. Visitors can set their desired minimum discount amount and search by brand or keywords. For example they can search for Acer and set the minimum discount amount as 3%  and they will get Acer laptops and related products with 3% discount on Amazon.

Unique design and content. I have got about 30 organic subscribers on the first day of launch.


laptop black friday” Avg. monthly search volume:

10k-100k Exact Monthly Searches

(source :


You have to have an Amazon Affiliate account in order to run this site. When I set up the site for the winner, I’ll need your valid Amazon Affiliate credentials. Please sign up for Amazon Affiliate Account if you haven’t yet.

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