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Avatar Creator Tool, Exact Keyword Domain, Organic Traffic, Responsive and Ready to be Monetized

Average Monthly Search Stats – ‘avatar creator online’

Monthly Searches: 6,750

Cost Per Click: $1.31 USD

Ad Competition: low


  • Responsive Interface : One break point – 480px. Dimensions of all SVG elements are changed dynamically.
  • Retina Perfect : SVG Avatars is a vector based app means it is presented perfectly on high-resolution displays.
  • User Behaviour Factors: Script lets your visitors spend more time on your site (notice Avg. Session Duration on the pdf attachment). Good for SEO.
  • 3 Download Options: 2 sizes of ready PNGs and also one SVG file! These options can be customized. Special PNG size for iOS Retina devices.
  • All Modern Browsers: SVG Avatars currently support Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera 12+, Internet Explorer 9+, iOS Safari, Android “Internet” Browser, Firefox for Android.
  • Males and Females: Both male and female avatars can be created even with racial features.
  • Graphic Data: The generator comes with more than 300 graphic parts to play with (faces, eyes, hair, clothes, etc).
  • Any Color: The most outstanding feature is the ability to apply any color to the most graphic parts.
  • Shadows and Highlights: The Avatars maker automatically calculates colors for shadows and highlights.
  • Random Function: The script lets user to play with random combination of parts and colors.
  • Reset Function: Also user can reset his/her avatar to initial state to start to create again. (Modal warning will appear).
  • Position Controls: The most parts can be adjusted by setting their positions and scale. The whole figure can be controlled too.
  • Transparent Background: Backgrounds can be disabled and transparent PNG will be created. So your visitor can use his/her avatar in any design projects.
  • Share function: ready avatars can be shared in Facebook and Pinterest as image, in Twitter and Google Plus as links.
  • Gravatar Ready: your visitors can upload created avatars to gravatar.com without leaving your site
  • Most people use avatars as their social profiles, it’s fun and unique. Think about how many people in the world have social profiles…

AvatarCreatorOnline.com was indexed to Google and AdSense Ready. Only thing you need to do is doing a little bit SEO work and get ranked on Google which is easy with this domain.

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