PayPal Link Generator

Paypal link generator is a useful tool for freelancers or anyone who wants to create a Paypal transaction to receive money.

For example; if you sell domains independently, you can create your transactions with this tool. Enter your Paypal email along with the transaction description (ie. Sale of and the amount of the money you're supposed to receive then click on Generate Link button. You can send the generated link to your client and have them send the money to your Paypal account before you transfer your domain.

Keep in mind though, your client can only be able to send you the money from their Paypal account. The link you generate won't allow your client to pay via their credit or debit card.

Paypal link generator is free to use. If you frequently receive money from clients via Paypal, this tool will be very handy for you. Don't forget to bookmark this page!
PayPal Link Generator
paypal link generator