Notable: How Do You Want To Be Known?

Think about it for a moment. If there was one problem in the world that you could solve or you would like to see solved,what would it be?
One person solving just even one world problem sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? For most of us, we aren’t prepared to live such a life as being the person, for example, that finds the cure for AIDS. The dedication of a biologist giving day-in and day-out to a cause that may or may not result in an answer or breakthrough in a cure, doesn’t appeal to most of us.

Instead, most of us think of our lives centered around doing a good job or living day-to-day. We’re more concerned with the daily tasks and routines of our lives than solving world problems. Perhaps we’re busy thinking more about keeping food on our table, the bills paid on time, taking care of household chores, raising our children, etc.
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being dedicated to doing a good job, raising healthy and happy children, keeping food on our table, etc. It’s not likely that we’re all destined to solve the world’s problems on a bigger scale.

However, each one of us can contribute to the greater good of mankind and our Earth simply by recognizing that who we are makes a difference. It only takes one person to make a difference.
Making a difference everyday can be as simple as smiling at others or sharing a kindness. It can also be something so simple as finding inner peace so that you become a role model for others – like a beacon of light that guides others through the darkness. At the end of our life, we face the opportunity to review the life we lived and the love we allowed ourselves to experience – the love for ourselves and others. And, how much we allowed the world to love us and acknowledge the difference we made.
That’s why when thinking of your own unique personal brand ‘DNA,’ it is important to ask a different kind of question about how you want to shape and build your brand. Remember, some say that a personal brand equates to the sum total of every impression others have of you. So, doesn’t it make more sense to create a lasting impression that stands the test of time?

The question that you need to answer? Instead of asking the traditional question, “What should I do next?,” Focus on a more powerful question that can help you shape the rest of your ‘purposeful’ life that will create a world of greater meaning for you. Ask yourself, “Who Am I Meant To Become?”
There are a lot of ways to think through this powerful question. One way is to look at the differences you’ve already made in the world – the ones you feel good about. Along with that, look at the defining moments of your life – those moments in life that altered your direction, deepened your faith, acted as a powerful catalyst for change.

Personally, I have experienced a lot of defining moments that have altered the course direction of my life. Regardless of the outward
appearances, circumstances, tragedies, failures, and missed opportunities, one thing has remained consistent and unshakable that has been telling me all along “Who I am meant to become.” I have stood for, fought for, and even have been willing to die for ‘individuality.’ I have fought against ‘fitting in’ and against ‘performing for others.’ I’ve stood strong as an individualist
and have been guiding, prodding, shaking, awakening others into following their own pathway to individuality. That’s why personal branding ‘fits’ so well with who I am meant to become. I breathe, eat, sleep and dream of personal branding – believing that it is my calling, destiny, and legacy that I will leave behind.

What about you? Tell me, what is remarkable about you? How can you know what to do in life if you do not know ‘who you are meant to become?’ If, you don’t know what makes you remarkable?